Information about Jane Welch


Jane is an exciting ceramic artist with a quirky original spin on the world.  Having inspired primary aged children for many years she brings a sense of fun and energy into her work.  Her sculptural pieces make us question the reality of everyday objects, whether this be a Ketchup bottle or a pile of sticks.

She completed the prestigious City Lit Ceramics Diploma course in the summer of 2017, studying under renowned practising artists including Sara Radstone, Dan Kelly, Annie Turner, Robert Cooper and Jim Gladwin.

Jane works on a series of collections, her last collection were Table decoration pieces.  The signature piece ‘Ode to Kitsch and Pop’ art was exhibited in Grayson Perry’s Room of Fun at the Royal Academy of Arts 250th Summer Exhibition, 2018.

She also had much success with her Brexit Meanz Brexit pieces.

She is currently working on a collection inspired by Bartmann/Bellamine jugs of the 16th Century in Germany.  One was shortlisted by Yinka Shonibare for 2021 RA Summer exhibition. These vessels can be seen ‘in conversation’ and the glazes reflect her daily walks on Wimbledon Common in that they are bark like. She is planning  an exhibition to exhibit these shortly.


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