Following on from my Ode to Kitsch and Pop Art, I have continued to work on a body of work which reflects the everyday and in this case the political world in which we live.  I have never made a political piece before but felt that this was too good an opportunity to miss!  Hope…

Breakfast set

Marmite, jam and golden syrup, set of three to go in the centre of the table. 37cm by 15 cm.


Beanz Meanz Heinz on a Baked Bean ‘with all the goodness of Beanz locked in. 37cm length by 15cm height. Part of the Ode to Kitsch and Pop Art series.  

Collage for Ode to Kitch and Pop Art

This was my last collage for my Ode piece,  I ended up simplifying the ketchup even further which I think works better but the other two are much the same.  I love working with collages!

HP Sauce Collage

This was collage work I did before making my final piece in ceramics, I was experimenting with the colours but ended up with the classic brown and the Houses of Parliament in yellow.  But this is the process that I went through to get there.

Hellman’s Collage

This collage was work I did prior to my Ode to Kitch and Pop art to get my thoughts together.  I find collages are the best way for me to work before making the pieces into ceramics.  I was experimenting with changing where the colours go.


Collage piece to go with the Ode to Kitch and Pop art.

Stoneware pen holder

This 28cm by 15cm is a small stoneware plate on little feet, glazed in a blue, green, pink, grey glaze.