Paperclay figurative pots

So these are made from paper clay as I broke my thumb (don’t ask) and can’t use the wheel.  I have used a couple of textured moulds taken from cardboard and the one on the left is just black slip with my Waller white glaze on top.  I love this speckled effect. Hope you like…

Small ecclesiastical pots

These pots have been thrown on the wheel and are part of the figurative pots project.  I have made a number of different glazes but am particularly pleased with the deep red which doesn’t normally happen in an electric kiln, a happy accident, as  is so often the case in pottery.

Table decoration piece

Ode to Pop Art and Kitch, this alludes to the cafe table with a humourous twist! (Ketchup, Hellmans and HP sauce)

Platters – commissioned piece

These plates have been made using coloured slips and screen prints. The edges have been torn to create a ripped effect. Commissioned by Supernatural Hair and Beauty, Barnes, London, UK.