Collage for Ode to Kitch and Pop Art

This was my last collage for my Ode piece,  I ended up simplifying the ketchup even further which I think works better but the other two are much the same.  I love working with collages!

HP Sauce Collage

This was collage work I did before making my final piece in ceramics, I was experimenting with the colours but ended up with the classic brown and the Houses of Parliament in yellow.  But this is the process that I went through to get there.

Hellman’s Collage

This collage was work I did prior to my Ode to Kitch and Pop art to get my thoughts together.  I find collages are the best way for me to work before making the pieces into ceramics.  I was experimenting with changing where the colours go.


Collage piece to go with the Ode to Kitch and Pop art.