Exhibited at the RA Summer Exhibition 2018

In Grayson Perry’s Room of Fun at the RA 250th Summer Exhibition

12th June – 19th August 2018


This sculpture is Jane’s signature piece for a series of table decoration pieces that she is currently working on.  This continues her ‘Questioning Reality’ practice.

 She has married the ideas of iconic bottles that you would find on any café table, with Pop Art. HP Sauce and Ketchup were obvious choices and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, a family favourite, makes up the triptych.  The bottles were thrown on the wheel, altered and added together. 

The plate has the onomatopoeic word OOZE! Alluding to Pop Art. The maker’s marks in the form of finger prints and tears demonstrate the ‘handmadeness’ of the piece and the fragility of the clay before it is immortalized and fired in the kiln.  


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